Jug Bay CSA Has Room for You

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Some people have been asking so I wanted to post here that we have space in the CSA. please come sign up here.  And for more posts from the farm you can jump over to Tanya’s blog at www.thelettuceedge.com.  This … Continued

Rain and Flooding Update

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Finally, we are getting a chance to dry out after the flooding rains soaked our basement, flooded some of our fields and even toppled a few of our young apple trees whose roots had nothing firm to hold. Our problems … Continued

rain and flood update

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As you know, we are in extremely wet and saturated conditions but we are not in the part of  Upper Marlboro that is under water!   So far, we are not seeing standing water in our fields but wer haven’t been … Continued

Eggplant, Basil and News

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The eggplant really started to come in this week and we were happy to pick each pretty one. Besides them, we harvested basil, tomatoes, peppers and potatoes from our farm this week. The shares were topped off with a cucumber, … Continued

tomato time

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We try to eat at least somewhat seasonally in our house, switching from fresh vegetables to frozen in the winter and following the fruit that is coming from Florida rather than  further afield.  Most of the year I skip over … Continued

farm update: lots of cucumbers

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Well it was cucumber week for the CSA.  Your shares included brown Poona Kheera Cucumbers which are named for a town in India, Armenian serpent cucumbers and regular green slicers. We grew the serpents and poonas on a small sandy, … Continued

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