2nd Share of the Season

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Your second share of the season features plenty of spring crops.  The share includes strawberries, Asian greens, leaf lettuce, radishes and onions from our farm, and also broccoli, cabbage and enormous romaine lettuce grown by Mennonite farmer Ronald Zimmerman south … Continued

Final Share

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Thank you for joining the CSA this season. We really do appreciate your support and hope you enjoyed the vegetables you received from us this year. Everything in this week’s share except for the mini pumpkins was from our farm. … Continued

CSA Update

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We hope you enjoyed your shares this week. This week’s share had plenty of cooking greens. The Asian greens, winter squash, beans and white Japanese turnips were grown by us organically. We are very pleased with the pole bean crop … Continued


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We hope you are enjoying your shares this week. We grew the eggplant, tomatoes, basil, potatoes and garlic organically on our farm. Our neighbor Joe Goldsmith grew the corn and watermelon conventionally down the road from us in gorgeous Prince … Continued

The End of Spring

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We harvested plenty of beans for this week’s share, almost 6 bushels. Picking them is very time consuming but one of my favorite things to do when the plants are loaded with quality beans as they were Monday. Besides the … Continued

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