June 1 CSA pick up

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lettuce harvestThis week we harvested garlic scapes, the top shoots of the garlic plants. They can be made into a garlic sauce for pasta when combined with olive oil and salt in a food processor. A lot of recipes can be found on Google searching for “Garlic Scape Pesto” including this one.
Most of each scape should be tender enough to use. If you got long scapes more of the thicker bottom part may be too stringy to use.

The rest of your shares include leaf lettuce, head lettuce, kohlrabi, strawberries and onions grown organically on our farm and peas and broccoli grown by a Mennonite farmer named Ronald Zimmerman south of us in the traditional Mennonite farming community of Loveville, Maryland. The peas and broccoli are not grown with organic fertilizer but have not been sprayed with anything. Next week, we should include more broccoli and peas from Ronald. He may have to spray the broccoli because the cabbage bugs are coming out. We’ll let you know if he does or not and if he uses an organic pesticide or not.

Besides the peas and broccoli, the shares should include onions, head lettuce and squash from our farm, zucchini from Ronald, and hopefully more organic Asparagus from Michael Kline. We may also start picking the red Russian Kale if it sizes up some more. We’ll let the second round of kohlrabi grow some more.

Strawberry season is over for us. It was a below average strawberry year compared to what we have grown before. The berries in the greenhouse did very well but the larger plantings outside did not produce that much. If they had, we would have been giving out quarts instead of pints. We had that much planted. When I picked up the peas and broccoli today, I spoke to some other farmers. Everybody had the same experience, lots of berries in the greenhouse but few outside. Seems like the so-so berry year had more to do with the cool wet spring than anything we did. Everything else is growing real well this spring so I cannot complain. Just more evidence that we have to invest in some more greenhouses. They take a lot of the risk out of growing both strawberries and tomatoes.

Things are going well on the farm. We are pretty much on schedule with most plantings. We have a lot to do this week and a big sweet potato planting early next week. After that, we should be able to catch our breath some.

We hope you enjoy your shares this week.

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