Using that Lettuce and Jug Bay on the Radio

First, the schedule news. Next week pick up will be on Tuesday May 31rst instead of Monday because of Memorial Day weekend. Otherwise, pick up will be at the same time and places. 

some of the lettuce before cutting

Since we sent you home with those two giant heads of lettuce yesterday, you might be wondering how to use them.  Long time CSA member and friend of the farm Jess Chaiken suggests this recipe  or this one  for Peruvian Aji sauce which takes a whole lot of lettuce and sounds amazing.  As a bonus, it also calls for cilantro which was in  your share.  This was our very first year growing cilantro, we hope you like it. Leave a comment and let us know if you try this recipe or do something else with your lettuce.

Also,  Tanya was interviewed on Greenhorns Radio, a radio show about young farmers last week.   She talked about Jug Bay Market Garden, farming, community organizing, parenting and writing.  You can listen to it here if you like and also follow links to learn more about Greenhorns, a fun youngg farmer organization with big plans.

In other farm news, we are in a major summer crop planting push and are working to empty the greenhouse and put thousands of plants in the ground (peppers, tomatoes, squash, eggplant, basil, other herbs etc.)   We recently mowed down most of our cover crops, but here is a photo of the rye, winter pea mix that is still standing.  You can see that the pollinators love this planting, and it will also enrich the soil.  The Austrian Winter Pea flower is beautiful, it looks like a sweet pea flower but is so much easier to grow here in Maryland where the hot summers come too quickly for sweet peas to have time to bloom.

As far as what to expect in next week’s share, we will likely have more lettuce, onions and peas.  We will also have kholrabi, squash, garlic scapes, cabbage and a maybe a few other things.

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