Korean Mint (Agastache rugosa)

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Many of you picked up “Korean mint” with your shares at Christ Church. Korean mint is native to China, Korea, Japan, and Siberia. It’s also known as blue licorice, Indian mint, and purple giant hyssop. It has been a big hit with the Jug Bay bees! They love hanging out on the long cones of small, purple flowers. We offered everyone a nibble of the leaves, which have a sweet, licorice flavor. Comments from tasters ranged from “wow” to “interesting” to “I’m not a fan of licorice”.

What to do with your handful? Many suggestions were offered: Muddle in the bottom of a glass for a mojito or old fashioned. Steep in hot water for tea (or add to iced tea). Chiffonade the leaves and toss them with chopped melon.

I thought it would make an amazing ice cream. If you have an ice cream maker, find the manufacturer’s recipe for basic vanilla ice cream. Substitute the mint leaves for the vanilla (or add them along with). Chop or tear them if you choose.

If you don’t have an ice cream maker, go get one. I’ll guarantee you there’s at least one in some Freecycler‘s basement. Not only can you make homemade ice cream, you can turn all those lovely melons and watermelons into sorbet!

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