Quick recipe: Greens with pine nuts, garlic scapes, and pasta

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This one uses the garlic scapes and onions from this week, plus the spinach from last week. You could also use arugula.

Heat some olive oil in a pan. Mince the garlic scape. Chop the onion (including the tender green stem). Add both to the warm pan with a dash of salt. When the pan is fragrant, add a small handful of pine nuts (or not if you’re allergic or just not a fan). Meanwhile, rinse the greens very well. Let them drain, but don’t let them dry out. Once the nuts are starting to brown, add the damp greens and turn them in the oil (tongs work best for this). Reduce the heat slightly.

Put on a pot of salted water for pasta. While it comes to a boil, check the greens. They should be just past wilted. Take them off the heat.

Add your pasta and cook to desired texture. Drain and either toss with the greens in the pan or plate with the greens on top. Add a last drizzle of olive oil and some shaved parmesan.

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  1. I love hearing what is coming our way! please post every week if you can.

    Also, I wanted to share a quick invention from last night that used a half head of cabbage and about 5 turnips as well as a bunch of those lovely green onions and garlic scapes we’ve been getting.

    Chop: 3 garlic scapes, 5 green onions (the big ones), 5 turnips, we also added half a rutabega we had lying around.
    Cut cabbage into strips (one grocery-store sized head or half a Jug Bay CSA sized cabbage!)

    Cook all ingredients but the cabbage in either butter, olive oil, or my favorite: bacon drippings on med-hi in a large stockpot until the turnips are just starting to soften.

    Add the cabbage a heaping handful at a time and stir often as it cooks, adding more when there is room.

    Add salt and black pepper to taste.

    I thought about six finely chopped leaves of the beautiful sage we got this week made a wonderful flavor addition to finish this dish off. Serve hot and enjoy!

    It takes lots of chopping, but the result is yummy.

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