CSA Update

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We hope you enjoyed your shares this week. This week’s share had plenty of cooking greens. The Asian greens, winter squash, beans and white Japanese turnips were grown by us organically.

We are very pleased with the pole bean crop so far. Some pictures of the three rows of healthy beans are here on the blog, along with one picture of the farm taste tester approving of the Italian pole beans. The beans have climbed the trellis to over six feet. Some must be close to eight feet. Thanks to CSA members who helped put up the trellis. Pole beans are a lot of work compared to bush beans but picking them is much easier because you do not have to bend down.

Bo Davis the maverick farmer by us in Prince George’s county grew the collards. Bo and his brother farm a piece of land surrounded by ugly subdivisions even closer to the city than us. They had to spray the collards once three weeks ago.

Ronald Zimmerman grew the kale and radishes. The kale was sprayed once a month or so ago and the radishes were not sprayed at all. Henry Stauffer came thru with some quality red peppers for us. Some years we have plenty of red peppers in the fall but this year our peppers peaked early than got covered in morning glory, the arch enemy of all organic farmers. For the most part we have kept morning down with good cultivation. To just lose one crop a year to the vine is not that bad.

Next week there will be no pickup on the Hill due to the Jewish holiday Monday. We thought things thru and considering that we can not work at all Sunday evening or Monday, it’s just easier to skip the week and let things grow more. There will be a pickup Wednesday for the members who pick up on the farm porch. We’ll send out reminders about this.

See you on Monday October 5 on the Hill,

Scott and Tanya

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