farm update: lots of cucumbers

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Well it was cucumber week for the CSA.  Your shares included brown Poona
Kheera Cucumbers
which are named for a town in India, Armenian serpent
cucumbers and regular green slicers. We grew the serpents and poonas on a small sandy, gravelly field by the tobacco barn we sometimes call “the
beach”.   They cucumbers love the sandy soil.

This week, we also harvested a lot of beans and should have
more next week. Growing bush beans is one of my favorite things to do and I
look forward to harvesting them from the moment I plant them.  I like how they are easier to keep cleanly cultivated with the tractor than many other crops.  Ronald Zimmerman, a Mennonite farmer near us grew the green slicers, beets and cabbage that were included in your shares this week.

Every season is different in the mid-Atlantic but we are pretty much where we expected to be right now as far as what we are harvesting. We should continue to harvest early summer crops such as cucumbers, beans and beets. Starting in early July, we should see our first corn, tomatoes and melons.  Next week the shares should include beets, swiss chard, beans, cucumbers, cabbage, squash and maybe potatoes.

We would love to hear about how you are using your
vegetables.  We are eating borscht (with cabbage) here and lots of sautéed zucchini with garlic scapes and onions.    We will be skipping CSA distribution the week of July 4 since a lot of people will probably be out of town and that will give the summer crops more time to mature.  See you on Monday.


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